In 2014 in most European countries WWI was memorized.
With the works day, night and Gute Luft I took part in an exhibition in the Gallery of the Traklhouse in Salzburg. One hundred years after the death of the Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914).
Trakl's poems are ambiguous both in tone and sound. At the same time they have a kind of magical beauty. The poetic coulours of his poems cannot be materialized because they are neither symbolic nor descriptive. Blue is not blue but kind of "blueish".
The poet did not want his words or verses to be attached to any specific kind of opinion or ideology. With my three works I have tried to immerse myself into Trakl's moods and to materialize his lyrical approach as well as his experiences. Feelings and perceptions are
visualized in form, object and material.
The object TAG (Day) refers to Trakl's harrowing experiences during his first mission in an ambulance corps during the battle of Grodek in autumn 1914.
The strange object NACHT (Night) came into being while thinking of Trakl's isolation and his ambivalent relation to sexuality.
GUTE LUFT (Fresh Air) is just as fragile as the positive moods Trakl sometimes uses at beginning of his verses.
"At four o'clock in the morning I took a freezing bath in the moon and in the morning I finally wrote a marvelous poem that shivers with cold." (Letter by Trakl, 1912)

year: 2014
material: metal, glass
size: H 72 X W 42 X D 90 cm
photo: Galerie im Traklhaus, C. Karlhuber

year: 2014
material: wood, velvet coat, human hair, glass, plastic
size: H 106 X W 30 X D 40 cm
photo: Galerie im Traklhaus, C. Karlhuber

Gute Luft
year: 2014
material: wood, blackboard paint, glass
size: H 27 X W 20 X D 2 cm
photo: C. Karlhuber