The Spectacle
material: glass, text, images, steel wire
year: 2006

The theme of the installation The Spectacle is the social and emotional discrepancy between progress and tradition, between social norms and creativity.
Elements from an old German Picture-Duden (dictionary) and texts of my own are combined
with portraits of women writers, politicians and scientists.
The glasses containing the biography of women who came into touch with insane asylums at some point in their lives "float" in the room in a chronological order.
The title is inspired by Guy Debord's book "La société du spectacle" (the society of spectacle).

Der Garten / Der Puls
portraits of Sylvia Plath (1932 - 1943) and Camille Claudel (1864 - 1943)
size: H 18 X W 22 X D 18 cm
photo: R. Zijlstra

Die Schiene / Der Nußknacker
portraits of Theroigne de Mericourt (1762 - 1817) and Nelly Sachs (1891 - 1970)
size: H 50 X W 10 X D 10 cm
photo: R. Zijlstra

Der Mutterschlüssel
portrait of Adalgisa Conti (1762 - 1817)
size: H 18 X W 18 X D 30 cm
photo: R. Zijlstra

Das Spektakel
installation with 17 portraits at Fort Vuren, NL
photo: C. Karlhuber